This is a personal website.

Hypertextual Media Hobbyist

My college background is in digital media and technical communication. Within the context of those studies, my major interest has been in hypertext theory and narrative design.

Unqualified Overthinker

Chief among my thoughts that I'm interested in sharing are reviews of books and media, especially science fiction and fantasy stories. I love mythology, languages, and poetry. Sometimes I try my hand at the last of those. Sometimes I like to jot down my thoughts about all those things.

Constantly Reforming

I'm even less qualified to write about religion, but it naturally comes out of my head. I grew up in a conservative evangelical context and was drawn to historic Protestant traditions. At one point I tried and failed to become Roman Catholic. Now I generally find myself alone where the common ground crosses institutional representations of faith. Granted, there are and throughout my life always have been movements among Christians that interest me. I'm interested in the old kinds of neo-orthodoxy and Christian existentialism.

Semper reformanda.

Central New Yorker

I live in Utica, in the middle of Upstate New York. I'm from the Mohawk Valley and decided early on that this land was as good as any.

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Soli Deo Gloria.